Hair Loss – Take Away the Distractions

Well, as you know, this is the year of doing more of what I love to do.  This weekend was another perfect example.  We had nothing planned this weekend, since we have been on the go so much since Thanksgiving, that the time has just flown by.

Friday night we went over to Tanya’s parents house for wine and snacks after what seemed like a crazy week.  Going to my in-laws place is a good thing for those of you who don’t like yours.  Not my experience at all.  Saturday got up late, watched to birds at the bird feeders and drank coffee.  The day started looking like it was going to be a really nice, sunny day so we planned an afternoon road trip.  It was the first convertible road trip of the year.

With the top down we headed up the gorge to see where we would end up.  We cruised to Stevenson to watch the kite boarders and wind surfers, but it must have still been too cold for them, not one there.  Then we headed to Hood River to see what we could see.  It had been a while since we had stopped there.  First thing we saw was that the Naked Winery had put a tasting room in, and actually several wineries had joined them within one block of each other, wow.

We tasted a flight there and started talking to a cool couple from Boise next to us.  As we left we wished them a wonderful weekend and headed to the Quenett Vineyard’s tasting room  across the street.  They have just incredible wines, by the way.   While there, we started talking to a couple that had met in Thailand while in the Peace Corp and the Boise couple from the first winery showed up about 15 minutes later. While the Peace Corp couple headed out.

Off to the third tasting room, The Pines.  As we walked in the Peace Corp couple are sitting there listening to a group of musicians playing guitars and ukuleles as one by one more ukulele players walked in with their little stringed instruments.  Well, the Peace Corp couple headed off to a romantic dinner, it had been 3 months since they had seen each other, and we headed to Big Horse Brew Pub, the best menued brew pub, just up the hill with the Boise couple.

We could see The Pines fill up with uke players from our dinner table and got to know Boise a bit better.  As we were eating we watched more and more people with ukes fill the tasting room.  SO, of course we had to go back to see what the heck was going on.  It ended up that we were privileged to be witnessing the First Gorge Ukulele Festival.  If you have ever seen the movie A Mighty Wind you will have a clue what we were a witness to.  Very surreal, wow very surreal, but looked like a blast.  Then we headed home.

An adventurous, unplanned, go where the wind takes us kind of day.  What a blast!  We just kept chuckling about the really unusual chain of events that were the day.  What a great story.

Sunday we rolled out of bed late, drank more rich coffee and then headed to 23rd street to stroll through the shops, in the sun, and people watch.  We ended up eating linner (lunch/dinner)  at Typhoon, our favorite Thai restaurant and watching the other people like us, excited about a sunny, Sunday afternoon enjoying their day too.

Even though it may sound like we crammed a lot of things into this weekend, they were all things that we love to do.  Some people may see hair loss as a bad thing, but if you shave away the distractions you can open up your calendar for the important memory building experiences that  create a life worth living.

Things are only impossible until they’re not. Jean-Luc Picard

Things are only impossible until they’re not.  Jean-Luc Picard

NO DUH, Jean-Luc!!!  As Clean and Simple is that sounds there is a huge, bell ringing clean as a cool,  star-filled night.  The impossible and the attainable can be no different other than you don’t see the daily actions that will get you there.  The possible things, the things you can believe you can accomplish or acquire, are things you can break down into the actions you believe you can do.

Possible vs. Impossible

Just the 4 A’s!  Awareness, Action Plan, Actions and Assessment!  Now that is Clean and Simple!

Just like shaving your head for you own version of hair loss.  Lather it up and shave it away.

Action expresses priorities. Mohandas Gandhi

Action expresses priorities.   Mohandas Gandhi

What a hair loss guru, and wise bald guy.  This is what it comes down to.  Give me some feedback on this one.  Of course, you know that my goal for this year is to “do more of what I love to do.  One item that I love to do is engaging, fun stuff with my wife, Tanya.

Whenever we go to the coast we always find where one of our favorite live performers, Bret Lucich, is performing and go dancing.  He is bald guy, by the way.  We have a great time dancing the version of dance that we have made up, but would love to know several real styles and feel confident enough to go dancing when we are home too.

I’ve been saying for years, “let’s take dance lessons.”  Well, we started lessons Tuesday and had a blast.  We will be practicing for 15 to 30 minutes daily to get the 4 steps we learned into our body memories.  Looking back at the first couple months of this project there are some real patterns that have worked really well.  I have read a great number of books on habits, breaking through, getting zapped, living purposefully, etc and have distilled it down to 4 steps that I can remember easily.

The 4 A’s are:  Awareness, Action Plan, Action and Assessment.

My wife is a master at planning and details, so much so that I have just let her do most of those activities for our family.  This blog has really helped me keep my goals in front of me on a daily basis, which I am finding is very key to help me better express my priorities through action.  So let me walk you though how this has played out with the simplicity of the 4 A’s.

In January, I created the awareness, and stated that we were taking dance lessons this year.  I developed the action plan which included, finding out where lessons were offered, when classes started, getting that information together to review it with my wife Tanya and select which classes to take.  We signed up for them and cleared our calendar for the 6 weeks of lessons.  We took action and Tuesday night I assessed that it was a great plan and we are on our way to becoming more confident dancers.  We have found quite a few local dance venues too.  I was very surprised on how much is offered locally.  I’ll keep you in the loop on how things are progressing.

I just seems funny that at a job, that we get paid to do, we a amazing at these same steps, but for our own lives we don’t always keep our own priorities in focus.  Sometimes we may even loose site that we have priorities other that just get to the weekend.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  Share your story.

If you liked this read Churchill on Action:

Storm Trooper – Michael Jackson – Disturbing? – Kinda!

  I’m not sure who created this video, but as a kid that grew up watching Star Wars, it is so against my picture of a Storm Trooper.  Is this what Storm Troopers look like on Friday night of payday weekend?  If you notice in the background all the cars are white too.  Can storm troopers only drive white cars?  Are these really old cars in their world?  All questions that I would love answers too.   Go ahead and make up a couple of your own.  This just cracks me up, Clean and Simple!  Well, maybe not so clean, but simple.   What makes you laugh?

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Buddha

Wow, this one is the pivot point to creating the life that you want.  The present is really the only time we have to live.  We have lived, or at least our heart has been beating, in the past.  We can only envision the future  we would like to create.  It’s the action of today, enjoying what you do, and who you are with today, right now, that can be real source of fun, value building and a gift to your self.

As I have said before, my year is focused on doing more of what I love to do.  In my life, Buddha’s quote means that we can use the past and the future as tools to help us create what we want, but don’t get stuck in either because we will miss the present if we do.  I heard a long time ago, that’s why it’s the “present”.   It is a gift that we can accept or deny.

When I say a tool, what I mean is we can review the past and compare it to the present, as well as the future we want.  We can also see the future we want and use it as a goal to work back from, to see the daily actions that we  are living today to paint that future picture.  Is that Clean and Simple!?  I think that makes sense to most of us, but it is not something that our culture teaches.  What do you think?

Dalia Lama on Kindness and a Challenge

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama

I am going to keep this one simple today.  A challenge!  When was the last time you went out of your way to display an kind act to someone?  Someone you know or even to a complete stranger.  Just yesterday I made a point to try this out.

I was heading into the office yesterday morning and I held the door open for a group of three ladies and then for 5 more people that were a few steps behind them.  It was amazing the response.  Their faces left the to do list of the business day and their faces showed a glow of  gratitude.   It is so sad that they were so surprised by that little bit of effort on my part to serve them. Service is a simple pleasure.
Your assignment (challenge) if you choose to accept it, is to do a random act of kindness to someone and leave the results in the comments.  Go forth and be kind.   Clean and Simple!